Sea 40 in Lewiston Maine has some amazing appetizers on our menu.  Try a sushi starter, seaweed salad, beef negimyaki, chicken katsu or another of our many favorite appetizers.  If you’re not hungry enough for dinner or lunch, appetizers are a great go to when joining us for drinks.  Our bar has top-shelf spirits, craft beers, imported beers, sake and wine.  Sea 40 is a local favorite for business meetups, networking, happy hour and pre-game drinks and apps before a big night out on the town

Appetizer Menu


  • Miso Soup $3
  • Mushroom Soup $3    
  • Lemongrass Hot & Sour Soup $6
  • Scallop, shrimp, fish cake, sweet pea and mushroom)

Kitchen Starters

  • Edamame $4.50 Soy bean w. sea salt
  • Shumai $5 Deep fried w. homemade dumpling sauce
  • Gyoza $6 Japanese pan fried pork dumpling
  • Beef Gyoza $6
  • Vegetable Gyoza $6
  • Japanese Spring Roll $4 Crab meat, cabbage, carrots
  • Beef Negimaki $9 Thin sliced beef rolled with scallions in teriyaki sauce
  • Rock Shrimp $9 Tempura shrimp w. homemade creamy sauce
  • Shrimp Vegetable Tempura $8
  • Soft Shell Crab w. Hot Chili Sauce $10
  • Bar-B-Q Calamari $9   
  • Katsu Chicken Age  $8
  • Katsu Tofu Age  $8  
  • Kamibokido (Crab Rangoon)   $7 
  • Sea40 Wings   $8  
  • Tempura Calamari   $9 
  • Katsu Chicken Maki   $9 
  • Chicken Lettuce Wrap $8
  • Kurumi Ebi $9
  • Koko Ebi $9


  • Mixed Green Salad $4
  • Avocado Salad $5
  • Seaweed Salad $5
  • Spicy Kani Salad $5
  • *Spicy Seafood Salad $9 Octopus, tuna, white tuna, shrimp, crab meat, asparagus, cucumber w. spicy yuzu dressing
  • *Salmon Skin Salad $7 Fried salmon ski and cucumber on a bed of spring mix with eel sauce

Sushi Bar Starters

  • Sexy Jalapeno $9 
  • Deep fried Jalapeno with spicy mix chopped fish, cream cheese
  • *Blacken Tuna $9 Seared pepper tuna w. wasabi mayo sauce
  • King Crab & Mango Salad $10
  • King crab, mango, red tobiko & yuzu mayo
  • *Beef Tataki $9   
  • *Fire Island $9
  • Deep fried spicy tuna jalapeno cream cheese w. chef special sauce

 *This food is or may be served raw or undercooked or may contain raw or undercooked foods. Consumption of this food may increase the risk of foodborne illness. Please check with your physician if you have any questions about consuming raw or undercooked foods.

appetizer at sea 40


Monday – Friday 11:30am – 10:00pm Saturday 12:00pm-11:00 pm Sunday 12:00pm-9:30pm


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